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How Much Light Do Pothos Need? Really? They Need That Much?!

How Much Light Do Pothos Need? Really? They Need That Much?!

As anyone who has grown and taken care of plants before knows, there is quite a bit that goes into growing and caring for a plant properly.

One aspect that is critical to consider is theamount of sunlightthat a particular plant needs and this can vary quite a bit from plant to plant.

Some plants prefer quite a bit of sunlight whereas other plants prefer to remain in the shade most of the time.

188beat365体育 is no different and I advise that you pay close attention to how much sunlight it is getting. Here is what I can tell you about the pothos plant and the ideal amount of sunlight for it.

How much light do pothos need?

Pothos plant should not receive direct sunlight because that can burn its leaves. It is possible to grow pothos in several different lighting conditions. However, between 10 and 12 hours of indirect sunlight every day is ideal for the pothos plant. Without enough light, the pothos plant grows slower than it would otherwise.

Why Adequate Sunlight is Crucial for the Pothos Plant

The main reason why thepothosplant, like all other plants, requires adequate sunlight is that sunlight is an important part of the photosynthesis process that plants use to create food for themselves.

Of course, the pothos plant has to use this exact same process.

Thepothos plantneeds to get sufficient sunlight so that it has the energy to grow properly. The plant may become skinny and try to extend toward the source of the sunlight if it does not receive enough sunlight.

Adequate sunlight is vital for the pothos plant’s health and growth.

The Ideal Light for the Pothos Plant

The pothos plant is actually a tropical plant, so it is capable of handling a number of different lighting conditions. However, it does best when it is in indirect sunlight.

Indirect yet bright sunlight is the ideal kind of light for the pothos plant. I should add that you will see thepothos plant grow more slowly and it might not growas much as it can without enough sunlight.

Despite this, excessive sunlight, as well as direct sunlight, can burn the plant’s leaves. This also stunts its growth.

Does the Season Affect the Pothos Plant’s Lighting Requirements: The Answer

One fact about plants that is common knowledge to most people who have worked with plants is that they tend to grow and flourish during the summer and spring.

However, on a related note,plants also tend to become dormant during the winterand any colder months, too.

This is because plants receive less sunlight during the winter. The pothos plant adjusts to this and remains dormant, simply storing sufficient energy to survive.

As a result, the pothos plant does not really need as much sunlight during the winter or colder months. It is dormant during these months, after all, so it doesn’t require as much energy.

By contrast, during the summer and spring or warmer months in general, the pothos plant should receive anywhere from 10 to 12 hours of indirect sunlight in order to grow properly, as previously mentioned.

The pothos plant is actively growing during these months, so it requires more sunlight in order to generate the energy it needs for such growth.

I recommend that you do not worry if you see that your pothos plant is not growing during the winter months or colder months in general. This is perfectly natural and expected behavior from the pothos plant.

What Direct Sunlight is

I’ve already mentioned that the pothos plant prefers indirect sunlight, but it is important to define these terms so your pothos plant gets the exact kind of sunlight it likes.

If the place you put your pothos plant gets direct sunlight that is not impeded or filtered in any way, then that’s direct sunlight.

One common example of this that I can think of is if you put your pothos plant in front of a window with no curtain on it.

That’s direct sunlight because the sunlight comes in straight from the window and is not filtered.


Now that I’ve gone over direct sunlight, I should go over indirect sunlight. It is pretty straightforward in that indirect sunlight just means that the sunlight is filtered or impeded by something.

In other words, the sunlight does not directly reach the pothos plant without any interference whatsoever.

One example of this is if I put my pothos plant a few feet away from my window and the window is covered by a curtain.

That would be indirect sunlight since it is filtered through the curtain.

The Ideal Location for the Pothos Plant

同样重要的是要把你pothos工厂the ideal location. I would recommend that you place your pothos plant near the center of your home because the pothos plant can get a moderate amount of indirect sunlight there.

A location that is between three and five feet from a window in your home is ideal. I advise putting the pothos plant in such a location because the pothos plant can enjoy perfect lighting conditions there.

Frequently Asked Questions about How Much Light Pothos Need

What should I do if my room has no windows?

It will prove quite challenging if you are trying to grow a pothos plant in a room with no windows. Hopefully, the room does get some amount of natural light. If so, I advise that you add to this natural light with some sort of indoor grow light, which is more affordable than you might think.

Are pothos plants difficult to grow in general?

A pothos plant is generally fairly easy to grow. It is a good plant for beginner growers for this exact reason.


Pothos plants can live in a number of different lighting conditions. However, the ideal lighting conditions for a pothos plant are moderate and indirect sunlight.

The pothos plant’s leaves can become damaged by direct sunlight, so I advise against putting the pothos plant in direct sunlight.

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